Activities Panel - Contact Layout

Hey Team,

Is there an option in the contact/account layout to change the structure of how activities are shown?

In SF Lightning I have the latest activities on a panel to the right with the ability to quickly create activities against the contact. Huge saving of time and increases the engagement of the sales team to enter in activities enormously.


Secondly Forum Feedback - The ‘Add File’ button doesn’t work currently on Chrome, just get a hover state of supported files.

About the forums, we know this doesn’t work well, we’re hoping to migrate to new forums this year. But see this:

On SuiteCRM there is an “Activities” subpanel which does what you ask for, except it’s not on the right. There is no simple way of moving it to the right except by customizing code.

But it let’s you log call directly, send emails, etc.

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Is there an activities subpanel shortcode?
Keen to replicate the activities subpanel and hardcode it into the tpl which conditional logic of when the record type is contact/account

You can try customizing it, yes. It’s probably one of the least-customizable parts of SuiteCRM, it’s a one-of-a-kind subpanel, one that aggregates information from several modules.

Maybe you can Google for some posts describing how to tweak it. I personally don’t know which files you’d have to change. You can also search the code, of course.

Google lead me here, spent a several hours on google, this function either means I continue with the project or I dont, moving onto something like espocrm.
but its okay if you don’t know, maybe someone else on the forums knows.

So I am sure there are a few short cuts so we don’t have to recompile the whole code, that would also create alot of upgrade risks.
The panels are compiled already, its just a matter of duplicating the subpanel section and filtering it, I suspect there is a section of code that looks after the output, which panels are assigned to each object, config settings and the sort order of the panels.
Or an ability to replicate something from SugarCRM 7/8 which has this functionality

I’m not sure I understand to what extent you already know SuiteCRM code customizations? Have you read the Developer Guide, have you tried customizing any subpanels, for example? This would be the place to start, so you can understand which files define the view layouts, the view classes, etc.

With this knowledge you should be able to track down the files that drive the History subpanel and develop it according to your needs.

If you need more help please be more specific, ask about changing a single issue in a single place.

I’m currently answering a similar question here:

it might be helpful to you also.