activities and history in custom module

what steps are necessary to add activities and history subpanels to a custom module?

This would mean:

  • enabling calls, meetings, emails, tasks to be logged to my custom module
  • showing subpanels with related activities (and history), just like in normal modules like Leads or Project.

help appreciated!


It should just be a matter of entering Studio (or Module Builder) and create a Relationship between your custom module and select the option ‘Activities’. This will set the relationship as a One to Many between your custom module and all the related modules (Calls, Meetings, Emails, Notes, Tasks) when you Save.
Subpanels should automatically appear as expected in the custom module’s Detail View and in those related modules (calls etc) your custom module will appear in the Parent Type field dropdown.

Hope this helps.

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Yes that helps :slight_smile: Had no idea this was available. Fantastic.