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Activate the LDAP connection of an impossible user


the check box “LDAP connection” is not found in the “advanced” part of the users.
I have already connected the ldap on another SuiteCRM instance without any problem but here the box is not found.

I thank you for your help.

Is that user an admin? I am not sure that makes a difference, but it’s worth a try.


thank you for your answer.
Yes, the user is an administrator.
Should I reinstall the application?

I don’t think reinstalling will change anything…

Those two different SuiteCRM installations you saw, are they which versions exactly?

Also, try seeing it in English, without the language pack.

Thank you , the problem comes from the language.
I install the same versions.

But I have an error during the connection, “invalid credentials”,
Would you know where this error could come from?
Thank you for your help

Sorry, I’m no good with LDAP… :frowning: never used it

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