Action in Listview - Delete Record

Good Morning,

is there any way to create a action to delete a record without any scrolling?

We do our Calls direct from the Listview and we like to delete the Record if we get a negative Response.

How can i create a Button in every Line for this Action? Or is there a better Way?

Thank you!

Which SuiteCRM version is this? And where is this list, in a list view, or a subpanel?

Are you ready to do code customizations, or are you looking only for options from the UI?

Thanks for your Answer.

I have the SuiteCRM ver. 7.10.10. I´m talking about the Listview in Contacts and Leads. The Option in UI will work for me also, Hope the coding its not to Heavy :wink:

I’ve never done this, but it should be possible with a technique like this one

You can add that HTML for the button. You can do it on top of an existing field, or create a new custom field just to add to the listview for this purpose.

Then you need some way to handle the button press - either inject some Javascript to do it, or maybe try it as an HTML form which the button "submit"s.

If you can get it working please post here how you did it! Thanks



your way looks not bad so far.

now i got this way from Jim.

But i can find not find the Strings for the Delete Action. I will work on that in the next Days and i´m coming back to the topic :slight_smile:

Just reached on this thread , happy to announc that i have already something for this.

it’s free to download and it is safe upgrade.

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