Accounts without contacts ,try to find ...

Windows10-Local Installed Bitnami SuiteCRM

I am trying to find Accounts without any Contacts . I have 60.000 Accounts and 58.000 Contacts. so missing 2.000

In earlier port I asked this and, they say : “create a report with Accounts:Contacts” with blank ID (???)

but I can only find modules like Accounts or Contacts and some other created Modules,

but NOT “” Accounts:Contacts""

Is there a work-around I can make perhaps with MSaccess/external Data/Link/ etc having both Accounts and contacts in my query ??

This is working for some other issues here quite well. But for above i have not yet found the right query for this.I have also MySQL Front tool.

Thanks sofar.


Petrovlis, I just found out how to get the Accounts:Contacts and I get the report of the “missing” contacts. That is a very long list and
trying to export it, giving an error (after some Waiting) maybe too big. Also export to PDF but also an error (due to too long??)
I have the accountsnames in the list, that is essential to work out later a new import into Contacts. but how to get a download of
this ?

Petrovlis, I have solved this issue.