Accounts Lost


Hopefully someone can give me a bit of advice on how to recover from a problem I’ve inadvertently created for myself.

My company is testing Suite CRM to see how well it fits our needs, and so far it has done well. We haven’t really gotten into any customization, but using the system as is. Being a test installation I did not have a full backup/recovery system in place, when I really should have. Now I allow two new users into the system to evaluate, and one of them imported their contacts. Somehow in doing so, they have completely removed all existing accounts. Contacts are still appearing, however they have a blank entry for Accounts. I have a backup generated from the SuiteCRM admin>backup tool when I upgraded from version 6-7, but nothing beyond this. Does anyone know if there is a rollback function, or any way to undo the import or recover the accounts? If I have to manually re-enter them, is there a way to recreate the links to their previous information?

Is there an automated backup system that I might bring into this evaluation so this isn’t an issue as we proceed with our testing? Ideally I would like daily backups with the ability to rollback any action performed or failure of the system.

All help is certainly appreciated.


The short answer is no.

You can undo a successful import on the import screen when it finishes, but if you progress you have to manually remove/recover data(unless you do something like adding an Import Flag field).

You could write a bash script to take a backup of the database regularly, and backup the files via the interface, or go one step further and take full server snap shots.

There’s nothing out of the box that allows both file/db backup/restore easily via the interface.

Will, adding an Import Flag field sounds like something that I can use to address my problem of importing records that overwrite updated account info in my SuiteCRM database. Being fairly new to SuiteCRM and PHP, can you tell me how to add the import flag and into which PHP gfile and directory it should be added?
I have created a custom importable field called Record_Lock. The logic is that when importing records from a CSV into the accounts module, I enable the check for possible duplicates using the Parent Account ID field. Once a duplicate is detected, the code would verify that the Record_Lock for the database’s existing account would be set to ‘No’ before performing the update. If it’s set to ‘Yes’ then the account info would not be updated.

During the past week I’ve tried googling for a solution to my problem and found nothing. At this point I’m completely stuck. Any chance you can help me out on this? Greatly appreciate your time.