Accounts Address Lines


I notice in the documentation we can upload up to 4 address lines for billing address…

However, when this data exports, it is all written into one field “Billing Street” which is not great to work with, it wouldn’t look right on address labels for example.

Is there a way to have SuiteCRM export all the address fields?

Many Thanks


I don’t know where that field list came from, but that looks misleading. I just checked the database and it is all stored in a single varchar(150) field called “billing_address_street” (or similar).

It does store any linefeed characters that you enter, and in my test (done just now) the export is not keeping these. So the linefeeds appear in my CSV and Excel interprets them correctly.

Thanks for this…

Even though Excel does use the linefeed char, I think it would be difficult to perform tasks like mail merge or data cleansing for example, with this format. For that reason I’m probably best not using the default Address field.



This is just matter of personal taste, but I would still use the default field (has a nice UI, has features to copy billing address to shipping address, converts addresses from leads, and is generally well handled in SuiteCRM) and then treat any other integration issues as integration issues. If you need to use the data elsewhere, change it on the way there. You can make excel split the linefeeds into separate fields, for example, or use PHP export code to do it.

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Good point, I guess the the functionality gained is worth the trade off.

It probably could do with better documentation as users downloading their data could easily miss this data being crammed into one field.