Accounting inside SuiteCrm

Hi :slight_smile: I love SuiteCrm (especially the apps where you can create invoices and proposals) there are just some missing features I need help with…where can I buy/how can I develop them:

  1. inventory
  2. bookkeeping (double entry)
  3. human resources
  4. bankstatemants-import
  5. WooCommerce connection
  6. payment gateway to pay invoices
  7. notification when someone hasn’t paid his invoice, and enter partial payments

Please suggest available apps, or connections to opensource software :-). Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @bd8392,

The reason those features are missing in SuiteCRM is because is not Accounting. Now there is some leverage we can get inside SuiteCRM. Specially by using integrations. One way to integrate accounting is by using Quickbooks and using the paid modules available in the store:

For woocomerce I have seen some third party plugins for WordPress that will integrate into SuiteCRM… or you can use these module from the store:

For payments gateways, I think the best option it to use your accounting software to take care of it.

QuickBooks looks extremely nice! But I’m looking for something with one-time payment or opensource…

La verdad no se de ninguno. Pueda ser que alguien más tenga conocimiento de ello.

La otra opción es que utilices el API de SuiteCRM para crear tus propias integraciones

English translation for the community (Google translator):

The truth is not of any. It may be that someone else is aware of it.

The other option is that you use the SuiteCRM API to create your own integrations.

  1. Yes, by modifying the existing products module. Check details here (Inventory Module)
  2. If you want to use inside CRM, needs custom module to be developed. (can do via studio)
    1. Same as 2
  3. Check how Web to Lead works. Wordpress does provide hooks which posts content to any other URL for notification or processing.
  4. I would suggest just keep payment records and do the payments on the vendors site. Just a link to connect to their site.
  5. Use workflows to create alerts, otherwise a dashlet with status filter is enough.

Nice thread, people.

First @cherub-chum knows suitecrm really well and can build stuff if you need. I’ve been chatting with him on the side as well about accounting this week (strange timing). I have made the decision to jump into this project It’s really great and in my opinion the closest thing to a ‘quick books experience’ without QB. I really don’t like the way QB held me hostage to give me the ‘feature’ of making a bill. A ‘feature’ ?? Charge extra to create a bill?? that was the final straw. I jumped ship. However, it’s not perfect over there and I’m still in an ‘evaluation stage’ but I’m going to try for more than one business. I feel that if SuiteCRM were to connect to Akaunting, we might have a real ‘thing’. They both open source, similar models with ‘installable paid apps’ and really good foundation. I would encourage all devs and business owners to start looking at this.

I’ve also already looked into this, and it seems great :slight_smile:. Do you think it would be easy to build a connector to SuiteCrm? Than we maybe would have the best out of both worlds :slight_smile:. If docker maintainers are here, the akaunting docker project is looking for maintainers :slight_smile:.

This could be a great app to build… I would pay the usual ‘app price’ to be able to integrate with suitecrm for sure to save the time of building it etc.

I repeat that from what I can see Akaunting seems like the accounting home-run we’ve been looking for. You can’t expect SuiteCRM to be a ‘real accounting software’. Accountants need to be able to log in and do their ‘usual work’. They can’t be distracted with the ‘suitecrm stuff’. Akaunting is very clean and promising. Once the bugs are gone, I can fully promote it to every business owner but right now it’s still a little for the adventurous… I wrote a document somewhere about how to set it up… forgot to blog it. remind me and I’ll ‘try’ to blog it in next few months ha