Account not populated when creating Quote from subpanel

I have this problem with pre-populating fields when hit Create button in Quotes subpanel from Account.
No account info (name, billing address…) is being populated in my edit form.
Exact same thing happens when creating Quote from Opportunity. No account details are being populated and no Opportunity name filled.
When I try to create anything other from subpanel (Note, Task…) in Account the form is pre-populated.
So it is something with AOS_Quotes that is giving me headache.
And only default modules are involved.

I tried this scenarios in and of-course it works out-of-the box.

I have been googling and trying to make some custom adoption (like this one but with no luck.
Compared file SugarWidgetSubPanelTopButtonQuickCreate.php on github with the one in my installation but they are the same.

Version is 7.10

It is some legacy problem with my installation. Just tested with a fresh installation and it works as expected.
But I need to find to cause for this knowing that I have to many customization and migrating to a fresh installation is too complicated.

Where else should I look? What could be the reason?

Are you sure you don’t have helpful PHP errors in php_errors.log? Or whatever the equivalent is on Windows, maybe it’s in Event Viewer.

Then, can’t you debug that code and set breakpoints and step through it? That’s the “professional” way to work on these things :slight_smile:

Solved it! It was my bad with custom controller. When creating custom controller for AOS_Quotes one should extend AOS_QuotesController and not SugarController or you may find your code running well but experiencing some strange problems like the one I had. The worst thing here is that it does not throw any error and you need to investigate line by line…