Account Assigned to changes linked to child records.

Is there a way to change the Assigned To value of all account child records to match the Account Assigned to.
When the Account Assigned To changes, can all the child records change as well?


I haven’t tried this using the workflow module, have done something similar using logic hooks however.

  • Create a field which is set (by logic hook or workflow) to be equal to the Assigned To field only on new records. (you will need to run the workflow on existing records once, I usually just do this with an SQL query).
  • Create an on save logic hook for accounts which compares the two, if they are different load up the account-contact relationship and loop through each contact updating accordingly.

If you haven’t done much with BeanFactory or SQL I can upload an example for you however we have modified our database a bit so it will give you more of an idea of how it works rather than a straight up solution. I suggest reading the following if you have the time.

EDIT: Forgot to say there is probably a far easier way to do this so doing further research before going ahead is probably a good idea.

Hi Proware,

You have to write a code for it.

You can check -Inherit from Parent Record feature of Security Group.
It help to inherit parent record’s group to child record. But It will work for new record.
For existing record you have to write a code.