accessing calls from home page dashlet - cannot reschedule the call - greyed out.


We are experiencing a very strange problem.

If we select a call from the home page dashlet and then try and reschedule it the reschedule pop up appears but it appears to have a grey overlay and cannot be edited. The page itself can be scrolled up and down. (Please see the attached screen shot)

To clear it, you have to access an alternative page.

If we access the same call directly from the calls page, rescheduling works fine.

We are running 7.9.1 on a linux server. We have checked the file permissions and run rebuild and config, repair roles and dashlets etc…

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

You can try reproducing this in one of the online demos

this way we can know if it is just your system that has the problem…

Also, I recommend that you try other browsers: Firefox, Edge, Chrome…

Good morning,

Thank you for your reply and help.

I have just created an account, a contact and logged a call on the demo version at as suggested.

When I access the call from the calls dashlet on the home page and then try to re-schedule the call I get the same error so this appears to be a wider problem with the suite P theme.

I have attached a screen shot. Hopefully this will get resolved as a priority when 7.9.2 is released.

You’re right, I’ve also been able to reproduce this in my test system. When the call is opened from the Dahslet (and only when this is the case) then the Reschedule button gives that greyed-out effect.

Can you please open this as an Issue on Github?