Access token could not be verified - API V8

Hi everyone.
I am trying to execute a Http request with GET Method in the Api, and whenever I try to run it I get the following error.

This is the URL → https://XXX/Api/V8/module/Accounts/d8d4b711-b39a-58b8-0e09-60f14dadea60


The token I think is correct because I generate it before in api/oauth/access_token

I managed to solve it, it was all endpoint problems, in the SuiteCRM documentation it is not entirely clear.

The api access token is → https://[YOUR DOMAIN]/Api/access_token

Api Endpoint, example for extract data from an account →
https://[YOUR DOMAIN]/Api/V8/module/Accounts/d8d4b711-b39a-58b8-0e09-60f14dadea60?fields[Accounts]=name,account_type