Access outside of localhost

Please, help me out again :cry:

Currently, we can only access the site if its on localhost:80

I need this to be accessed remotely by other users that are not in the same network, or when the users will be out in the office.

I have tried port forwarding port 80 to a different port and tried it as but its not working, i know that the port forwarding on our router is working fine because we have other sites (not crm related) that are setup on it and they are currently working.

I have also tried changing these




but its still not working, apache didn’t even start lol, I also tried changing “ourdomain” to our public ip address but still nothing

Is there any other config files that I need to change?

I also just have tried changing the site_url on the config.php file but I’m still getting site can’t be reached



  1. Have you added the domain to DNS?
  2. Have you restarted Apache?

Added the domain on the dns? Where on the config files or the router?

And yes I have already restarted apache after the changes I made


Can you run command:


and get an answer?

Yes i get a reply. 4 sent, 4 received


I don’t see an error in your config file.
Have you looked at the errors in the apache log file?

since i change the site_url to “


i’m assuming the ServerName on the apache httpd.conf file should also be changed to “” right?


I see this on the error logs on apache


What directory did you specify in parameter “ServerRoot” of apache?
I see that you use subdirectory for SuiteCRM.


i haven’t change this yet, its using the default

My suitecrm installation is currently under


should I change the server root to this?


But you set subdirectory ‘marquee_suitecrm’ in config file of SuiteCRM.
Now you write another path ‘C:\xampp\htdocs\suitecrm’.
Try checking the path to SuiteCRM.

Sorry typo on my path, the path where suite crm is currently installed is on



Then redefine the path in apache.

I changed it to the path to where suitecrm is installed but when i tried to start apache again its not starting


I also tried changing the slash to a backslash “/” but still not starting

there’s no latest entry on the error logs as well

I’ve configured the virtual host file, I added a document root, server name and server alias. After doing so I restarted apache. I thought it was working already cause I was able to restart apache (I couldn’t earlier after making changes on the virtual host file) I tried accessing it as “” but its still not working, there’s nothing new that’s showing on the error logs just the same certificate warning that i sent earlier.

I even updated the hosts file and added our public ip and domain name, I still can’t access it.

If I specified the server alias as “” shouldn’t i be able to access it through there?

I don’t know what else I’m doing wrong

And why can’t I run it outside the virtual machine? I tried to run the ip address on a different pc (same network) but even that it doesn’t work


Sorry, I do not know.
I see that you are configuring the domain “”, not “”. Also, I see the “” domain in the log file.
Usually, when I get into such a situation, I start over.

I was able to kind of make it work? when I entered on the web it loaded but it loaded to our router page? haha i think its because I’ve put in our public ip on the hosts file, I tried entering the ip address of where the crm is installed but then it now showed the xampp dashboard.

firewall. it was firewall :woman_facepalming:

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