about to set the follow up in looping way

hello friends i am stuck in one matter so please help me to solve it

i have problem that when i create the lead ot task or meeting or call
i want it with time and date reminder so when i set the one follow up like
ar.manish bhai

time = 10:30 am date:- 08-08-2019
description:- meeting for new project and give best quote for product

now when the call is ended on
this time time = 10:30 am date:- 08-08-2019

so after this schedule this follow up will transfer in menu or one section called (pending updates )

so in pending updates menu now its saw one pending update

so now user click on pending update and select the ar.manish bhai follow up
and enter the update about meeting

like this


in meeting manish bhai approved the product and give the quantity used in project now we have to submit the quotation with best rates before

now when this update save the new menu appear or its already there like this

in this menu user have to set new time and date for its desire required

residual the follow up

date :- 10-09-2019 time :- 12:00

assignee to :- admin

now this sows that i create one lead or follow up or task this process will contiue reminds the work till the user cant close it when it finished or rejected by followed person ask to leve his follow up