About the Show and Tell category

This category is to provide a dedicated podium for you to share with the world your SuiteCRM projects, tutorials, blog posts, add-ons* and other activities that help build and promote the community and project!

We would love to hear about:

  • Personal projects – using SuiteCRM for your online communities or education
  • Tutorials – made a blog post (or a series) or user manual about customising or using SuiteCRM
  • Free and open source add-ons or solutions – have a GitHub gist to share, or a complete module loader package open for use and collaboration
  • Sponsorships – giving back to the community and the core code base via sponsorware solutions or add-ons
  • Event/Meetup – organising or had a meetup around SuiteCRM
  • Talk/Presentation – did you speak on behalf of the project, did you demonstrate SuiteCRM or FOSS to potential clients, contributors or like minded FOSS enthusiasts?

Make sure you post as much info, screenshots and social media handles so others can visit your activities and contributions!
Also ensure any code publish you retain the permission to do so.

This is not a place for commercial only add-ons*, soliciting, or request for services. Any threads breaking this rule will be removed and users will be warned.

*add-ons must have an unlimited use, free tier solution or is a sponsorware add-on. Free trials do not count.