About the Purchases Subpanel in Product

Hello All,

There’s something strange with the purchases subpanel in products. Only the global info (Total, Subtotal, Tax, etc…) of the invoice/quote related to the product can be seen. Not the amount bought from the specific product.

It’s not logical to me. I checked in Studio but couldn’t find a way to see line items in purchases subpanel. Am I misunderstanding something?

Have you looked here?

Admin > Studio > Products > Subpanels > Purchases

There is a field called “Grand total”. But there also other fields you can drag from the right-hand column with other totals.

I am not sure what they mean, I am just exploring, I don’t know this part of the app well…

Thank you for your answer,

To be more precise:

This is what I have in Products and Services Purchased under Account:

All those information makes sense from the point of view of Account. This is what you want to see, a list of the products bought with price, discount, etc…

Now this is what I have in Purchases under Products:

We have the quotes with the total amounts, all products included. If I’m visiting the page of a product, I would like to see relevant info about this particular product, not an amount an amount including a lot of other products.
In other word, the Line Item seems more important here than the global quote information.


If I go to Studio I have this under (as you said)

Inside the red square are all the info I can find to be included in the subpanel. Nothing is about the specific product, all are global Quotes/Invoices information.

I’m not sure if it’s made on purpose, if there’s a way to do what I need or if I simply don’t understand the logic of it.

I think it is deliberate:

–> https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/blob/master/modules/AOS_Products/AOS_Products.php#L95

It is basically a list of Quotes related to the Product.

I understand why you would prefer your logic, it also makes sense.

May be with some custom code you can make a new subpanel for what you want (are you a developer?):

We’re able to add a “SubTotal” Field in the PURCHASES Subpanel of the Product Module.

See Below Screenshots,

Select SubTotal Field from Hidden Box and Drag it to Default Box. After that Click on the Save & Deploy Button.

Did you follow the same steps?
I hope it helps you

Thanks @Urvi , unfortunately Sub-Total (in red) will not give me the info I’d like to see. I need the Total per Product (in green) in each Purchases sub-panel.

Thanks @pgr, I understand it could be something interesting to get the global quote amount per product in some case. I’m not a developer and I don’t want to mess with the code too much.