About store product on store.suitecrm.com ?


I see that you guys using Joomla but you didnt do that choice for a multimarket place where people can sell their products and services for SuiteCRM. There is a a lot of good ecommerce for Joomla too and you dont need to create a lot of separate silos of login system.

One example you could test and use is this Joomla multistore that you can evalutate in future if you want to change your store and also use an integrated designe on all your pages https://sellacious.com/ and there are also som SAML login plgs that could be used bcs people get tired of creating and maintaining different registration/profiles/login system etc etc

If I’m not mistaken, this happened for historical reasons. Jason Eggers had done a great job with his SugarCRM Store called SugarOutfitters. Then there was some sort of deal to adapt that into SuiteCRM and that’s how the current Store was born, and I believe that Jason still runs it. So it naturally uses whatever software it was already using before.

So while there might be some minor integration disadvantages, there is the enormous advantage of quickly starting up a fully working Store from previous work.

I personally like the store and how it is designed, and how it serves customers and add-on writers. I think quite a lot of thought was put into that, it’s not just a commercial module; it includes per-add-on support forums, a marketing engine, and other nice features.