About Oracle DB support

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A customer would like to implement SuiteCRM, but want the CRM runs with an Oracle DataBase.

Is SuiteCRM8 going to support that engine?

No, there are no plans for that.

Thanks @pgr !

I thought Suite8 would support more DB engines than Suite7.x

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I am personally pushing to get PostgreSQL in, although it’s not an official part of the Roadmap. But it’s possible, there is some work already done, and it aligns very well with our open-source philosophy, I think. Better than MySQL, I would say (Oracle makes me suspicious).

But I agree Oracle DB support would be beneficial to get some companies on-board. Although there are several enterpise-grade alternatives that we do support, sometimes they already use Oracle and (understandably) want everything in one place.

Do you have any idea if Oracle support would be a very difficult and extensive project?

I agree completely with you!

I really don’t know if Oracle support would be a very difficult and extensive project… I never use that DB engine and I hope I never have to do it :wink:
Just asking to give an answer to a client.

Thank you very much!

just bumped into this older post by accident. We built Postgres and Oracle support for SpiceCRM (Oracle already back in the SugarCRM CE days). Postgres should be easy for you to also adopt and pull from our SpiceCRM Repo (as it is also open source feel free).

Oracle we provide as a proprietary plugin for very large enterprise customers (one of our Telco Cusomters is e.g. running on Oracle with several millions of Customers, tens of millions of inventory items, hundreds of millions tickets … for that data volume oracle is still in good business.