About New Interface at community site

Hi Community,
The new Interface of the community is really cool. Glad to it also copied old statistics.

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Thanks @ashish,

Think many of us are grateful for the update. Happy to say its not just a new interface by a brand new platform that has way more capability than before. For this we have @pgr to thank!!

We would appreciated if you where able to give us specifics in regards to what you like better?
For example I like that i can bookmark posts and that i’m able to create wiki pages out of them as it allows for better collaboration between user. :smile:

Feeling good about “Badges” , seems they were not before in old. but also missing signatures.
Signatures are important for me at least.

Yes i’m sure we’ll look at expanding badges soon. Signatures are a shame however you do have a bio on your profile you can fill out.

Thanks for letting us know how you feel!