About Elasticsearch


I started using Elasticsearch 5.10 for my SuiteCRM it nice boost search performance but I have some questions and maybe anyone here can help me

  1. I try to disable one module from the Global Module search list but it’ appears on the result page again and again (I did QRR).

  2. Is any way to change default values “Results per page”?

  3. How can I modify the results page paginations? I mean to do it like “Basic search engine view” right now if I have too many total results I can get search results where on the 1st page will appear module account with 10 results and all other results will appear on the next page.

4.Elasticsearch doesn’t work with Cyrillic. If I try to type some in Cyrillic I see transformed my input and got no results page

I just saw another post with a possible solution for this, wanted to test it later.


This fix works for me. Right now I can use Cyrillic words BUT Search it doesn’t find anything

Have you tried running commands manually? For some reason when I did Full Indexing from SuiteCRM it did not run but when I used command line tools I’ve got it to index.

vendor/bin/robo elastic:index 0

Have you also had a look at search_index.log for errors?


I can’t use command line tools by this error vendor/bin/robo: No such file or directory

My search_index.log haven’t any error
There is only successful process like INFO: Indexing complete [] []