A vert simple, but huge time saving change!

Hello all you awesome people here! :smiley:

Well my simple and powerful (in my mind at least) suggestion is since it is a requirement these days to run your website on https and not http it (Google, Duck Duck Go and other search engines made it mandatory to run on htps if you want a good ranking/not to be excluded from their search index), and it would therefore be a great thing if the website field is updated to reflect that in SuiteCRM:
so it is by default https:// and not http:// because this might be a small thing but in the long term perspective when you have to change this many hundreds of times per day it will make a huge impact in all the work time you and your staff will save by not having to edit this manually every time you are entering a new web address into the system. :+1: :smirk:

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If you want to change in current version. This thread will help you

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