A little Guidance ( idea ) what can be done in this kind of scenario ?

i have added a link in search form of leads modules on click of that link it trigger a action subscriber

var newLoc = 'index.php?module=Leads&action=subscriber';
document.location.href= newLoc;

and i have action subscriber in my costume controller which will give me the list view with status=’ converted ’ as shown pic which i have define in


but when i click on navigation and the off set value is 31-50

after that if i got to navigation bar and again come to leads view.list.php is comeing but off set values remain same ?? any one

have idea how to reset off_set value of pagination on page load ???

Hi there,

So what is the issue? Is the function not being actioned? Can you provide some more screen shots?



Hi Will ,

its calling the subscriber action and its giving me the list properly as per condition (record 1-20 default )

the problem here is when i click on pagination button its again triggering the view.list.php with record ( 21- 40 default )

i think its the cause is SUGAR.ajaxUI.submitForm(this.form); its triggering the this.form as list

do have any idea how to trigger a ajax for particular view page


SUGAR.ajaxUI.submitForm( [ 'view.sub.php ’ ]);

So if i can trigger a ajax from search from its self instead of redirecting it it might solve the problem :dry:

Hi All ,

i found a fix for this problem , and what it dose is will be changing the configuration settings once we click on subscribers and list will generated . some thing like this in view.sbsciber.php

  	public function listViewProcess()        // genrating listview 
        $this->lv->searchColumns = $this->searchForm->searchColumns;
        if(empty($_REQUEST['search_form_only']) || $_REQUEST['search_form_only'] == false){
 $this->lv->setup($this->seed, 'include/ListView/ListViewGeneric.tpl', $this->where, $this->params);
 $savedSearchName = empty($_REQUEST['saved_search_select_name']) ? '' : (' - ' . $_REQUEST['saved_search_select_name']);

            $configObject = new Configurator();                     // fix 
            $configObject->config['save_query'] = 'no';

            echo $this->lv->display();

i hope this will helps some one !

Thanks For your time