A few problems post-upgrade


I’m using SuiteCRM Version 7.11.8
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Construction 344)

It had been a while since we had not upgraded, we just did and there’s a few minor, yet weird, behaviors that I can’t figure out.

  1. All themes have been wiped out, the only remaining one is “Suite P”.
    Nobody likes it very much, we were all used to the classic one.
    Is there any way we can install and use the classic theme?

  2. Email signatures no longer show when writing emails
    In Profile > Emails > Config => There is a default signature that is selected, yet it never shows up in emails anymore

  3. How can we access and edit email templates?
    With the new themes, I have no idea how to do that!


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Don’t know all the answers but regarding themes: Starting a few versions ago “Suite P” is the only official theme.

If you need to customize it you can information here:



Thanks I’ll check it out !

However I still have serious problems with email.

I just found out that not only the signature doesn’t appear, but also the name and email address are not used.

I configured an outbound email in ADMIN > EMAIL > OUTBOUND EMAIL

The FROM NAME and FROM ADDRESS I configured in there, which are something like “system” and a generic catchall email address we have, overwrites all use settings.

When writing an email, the FROM dropdown list only has one item and it’s the system one.

If anyone could help it’d be greatly appreciated!

Regarding the outbound. Check if the checkbox for “Users may send as this account’s identity:” is selected in Admin->Email Settings

Thanks great, that’s exactly what I need!

However every time I click this option and save it, it does no preserve it.

Every time I go back into ADMIN > EMAIL SETTINGS the option is unchecked.

Any idea how to fix that?

Don’t know why the system is not saving the configuration but if you have access to your DB you should be able to fix it by running the following query:

update config set value = 2 where name = 'allow_default_outbound'

You rock ! That solved my problem, thanks!!

Now I’m still looking to figure out how to access and modify email templates !

Damn… it worked for a short while but now the option is unchecked again.

If I select this option via the GUI it will not preserve it.

I can have it working for a short period by updating the DB manually but it will revert back to unchecked after a short while.

Anyone else is having this issue? It’s really starting to mess with me,

That sounds like a bug to me. You should open a ticket in GitHub: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues