A couple of general questions

We’re looking to replace our existing bespoke CRM and suiteCRM is looking like a definite possibility. However I have a few questions on customisation.
We have a slightly different business model from most businesses in that we provide leads to other businesses.
The basic flow is that we receive enquiry via form on website. From information provided we decide which of our partners are suitable to forward enquiry on to.
Enquiry will be forwarded to more than one partner - probably 6 on average.
We first assertain if partner is already in contact with enquirer and only forward full details if the enquirer is accepted by partner as new to them.
If partner eventually makes sale to enquirer we receive commission.
Once a month we will follow up all enquirers received within a designated period to ask if they are still looking to make a purchase or if purchased, who did they purchase through.
Also once a month we will email each of our partners with list of leads provided during designated period asking for update on progress with each lead.

I’ve simplified the whole process but hopefully you get the general idea.

Question is how doable is this with suiteCRM? I’m fairly proficient in PHP and MySQL and comfortable with writing my own plugins for Wordpress.

I believe this is doable with SuiteCRM. I’ve been on projects with a similar design.