A chat room

A chat room on your website would facilitate quicker responses and greater community involvement.

I dont think many of the developers here would have much time to spend chatting though… :whistle:

its not for the developers, its for the entire community. You never know what someone else knows until you chat.

I agree. Here is the response i received to the same suggestion a year ago:


And i think this post (https://suitecrm.com/forum/suitecrm-7-0-discussion/9269-let-s-move-these-forums-to-stackexchange) echoes the need for change

I understand the desire to ‘document’ questions and answers, but these answers can quickly become outdated with software updates.

Personally i don’t think the forum should try to replace software documentation or help files - a chat room can provide real-time up to date support.

At the moment i tend to post a question and check back a month later to see if there are any answers or if i can answer anyone elses questions (which i normally i can’t because the learning curve is slower with a quiet forum than it is with a chat room)

I agree with that the last post said in the thread from a year ago:

Nobody is stopping any of you from starting your own chat room. :wink: bare in mind the developers here barely have enough time to answer forum posts although you may get some of us popping in B)

my apologies, i didn’t mean to sound rude or ungrateful. The help and support here is great and very-much appreciated.

I guess a chat room may be more desirable for non-developers.

Here’s an idea, is it possible for the developers to implement the suiteCRM IRC as a menu here on the suitecrm.com website.

  1. This is the first place people go when they need help.
  2. Influences regular usage of IRC, keeps a good population for quicker response
  3. No guessing IRC name
    4)Less clicks to access IRC, more convenient that searching for a online irc client
    5)Developers can get quicker responses on bugs after a release.

I still think a chat room would be great - even if its empty most of the time!

The idea that a forum can replace a chat room - because it documents things, is flawed in my opinion.

Basic documentation is lacking (understandably), and the forum is full of outdated, and now irrelevant, information.