8x8 VOIP plugin fails to load

Anyone get the 8X8 VOIP plugin to work with Suite CRM? https://www.8x8.com/voip-business-phone-services/features/sugarcrm-integration

Authors claim to have developed and tested against Sugar Community Edition Version 6.4.2 (build 7513)

Module loader uploads and recognizes the package. Commit produces a 100% done bar, and a "view Details link which shows expected actions, but does not show the “Back to Module Loader” button usually associated with module actions, and when I return to module loader the plugin is not loaded.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

If the plug-in is not verified to work with SugarCRM 6.5.x CE, then it may not work with SuiteCRM.

I would advise contacting the developers.



It installs fine into a fresh, stock install of Sugar 6.5.x. It does not install into SuiteCRM. I have contacted developers, but this looks like something specific to either SuiteCRM in general or my specific installation. Will keep you posted. Thanks for jumping in…

I loaded 8x8 today to Suite CRM 7.2.1. All went OK, except when receiving call the homepage opens instead of the contact with related phone numbers.

8x8 tech support did not have the parameters to pass (%%phone%% listed as example).

Any 8x8 users have the parameters for phone and name?

Not sure if you worked this out… having trouble with the same thing except i can’t get the page to load. I found this for phone number in another integration product offered by 8x8 %%caller_number_raw%% let me know if that works and also if you are able to get Suite to open when a call comes in.