8.2.1 new user can login on legacy but not public/std

I am using 8.2.1, a new user can be created and they can login on the legacy url, however they can’t login using the standard url with an Invalid Credentials error.

Existing users can still login. Also via the legacy url was able to complete the user setup but still not able to login normally.

Any ideas why this is happening?

some update: I can see the password hash being changed on the DB however it doesn’t allow login. If I try updating an existing users password they too can’t login.

Anything peculiar about the passwords themselves? Try with a very simple password without any strange characters, to see if that changes anything.

No I have tried with just test and password no numbers or special char.

If I type /legacy/index.php I can login but there is no header in that case.

What do you see in the logs at that time when the hash goes into the DB, but the rest fails?

when looking at suitecrm.log I don’t say any messages relating to updating the password. I have set the log level to debug.

for php_error.log there is no entries.

Not sure if this helps or is related but in the prod.log there is the following error:

Uncaught PHP Exception OneLogin\Saml2\Error: “Invalid array settings: sp_acs_url_invalid, sp_sls_url_invalid, idp_sso_url_invalid, idp_slo_url_invalid, idp_cert_or_fingerprint_not_found_and_required”

Sorry, I don’t know what those errors could mean…

I’m stuck with the same problem. In my case, it’s because I changed the mysql password. I can login through /legacy/index.php and there is no header.

Were you finally able to solve this?

I know its very late to reply but still posting so that it can might still help someone facing this issue.

I was stuck in the same situation on SuiteCRM 8.1. If you’ve changed the DB password, you need to make sure that apart from changing it in legacy/config.php, you also need to modify .env.local file on your root directory. Its quite frustrating that simple things like these proves to be a hurdle and consumes a lot of time to figure out for people trying SuiteCRM 8 due to lack of detailed documentation.

I hope this helps someone and saves a few minutes or may be a couple of hours :smiley: