8.0.3 vs 8.1? Need help with reporting add on options

Ok so we were looking at rolling out a production instance using version 8.1.0. We have noticed that there is not much support, especially in the store yet for 8.1 and need an enhanced reporting option. We have since started moving over to our “dev” environment which was still on 8.0.3. I see a lot of store options that are saying they’re compatible with 8.0.3 but haven’t had confirmation… Most are saying not compatible with 8.x.x in general. I’ll be looking through documentation as well to see, but it’s seeming that a lot of the major core code changes were between 8.0 and 8.1 - is this true and does anyone have anything out there right now on 8.0.3 that has a supported report store add on?

The big changes are between 7.x and 8.0, not between 8.0 and 8.1…

I think Reports are still using the old legacy screens. There are also ways to turn off the new code for specific modules and tell 8.0 to keep using the legacy views - that’s the main compatibility strategy for legacy add-ons.

I think the Store let’s you install and try the software, and get your money back if it doesn’t work… You can also reach out to the add-on authors in the Issues tracker of each Store add-on, and ask them about SuiteCRM 8.x compatibility.

That is kind of what it is seeming like, but the 7x to 8.0.3 change is still causing a few issues…

Any idea if there are known bugs in 8.x.x related to date time issues? I’ll post a separate post on this shortly but essentially we have two DateTime fields in a custom module, start time and end time. No logic built around it or anything yet but I just noticed if I go into a note and there is a time set on both of them, even if I don’t make changes at all - if I click Edit, then Save… the time’s there change… IE - I had a note with 06/01/2022 15:11 as a start time and 06/01/2022 15:42 as the end time… Clicked edit, save… it changes to like 06/01/2022 7:11 and 06/01/2022 7:42… seems that in most instances the time between the notes stays the same, but sometimes it’ll change the hours as well… Thoughts?

Look for other issues in these forums mentioning timezones. There are two or three things you might need to configure correctly before it starts working.

It’s also possible there is something buggy specific to that version, or to custom modules, but I am not aware of anything at the moment…

So I believe I have a work around at least… It looks like what it’s doing when you’re entering a custom DateTime field (so not a time stamp) is it adjusts it to the timezone. Mine was +5… problem is that it would do that adjustment on ever edit of the record, so my 1pm initial entry (first save works) would change to 6pm if that record changed at all or even just on edit and then save, then next time it would take that 6pm and adjust it another 5 hours to 11pm.

For a work around - since we haven’t built in anything with meetings or calendar yet, we will default to UTC so it’s a 0 adjustment. Will have to try to throw in a logic hook to correct timestamps then since they come through as UTC, but - it fixes the current situation we had.