7.9.8 Missing required field: From Email Address in Campaign module

Since 7.9.8 upgrade when I create a new email marketing I have “Missing required field: From Email Address” error in the from address field.

No error in suite crm log and apache log.

Thanks for help

Please revisit your email account configuration screens to see if you can add that “From” data there.

Thanks for the reply.
The from data is not empty in my email profile.

The “Missing required field: From Email Address” seems to be recorded in the database.

I reply to myself
You should go in admin->Outbound Email Accounts-> and create an outbound email accounts with all field. And you chose it in your email marketing.
But there is a bug :
there is email adress in the name field and the name in the email field.

It seems to be a bad record in the outbound_email data base.


thanks for coming back to report on what you found.

I’ll try to look into that bug.

I think this one is the same:


There is a fix https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/4942 but there is a trouble with the email checking : "Error:Invalid address: (punyEncode) "

coorected in 7.10