7.9.7 add background-image to login page

seems that posted solution for previous version does not work anymore…
Which files are involved now to add background image to login page in SuiteP?


Where is that “posted solution”? Maybe it just needs a simple fix.

this is the post i’ve found.


Please take a look at the end of post…seems this change does not work.


Yes it works, you probably just need to get the path right. And this might have a problem.

I tried this and it didn’t work, despite the image being in that path:

background: url(custom/themes/default/images/company_logo.png) no-repeat;

But I noticed (in the browser’s inspector window) that it was trying to fetch from the cache (/cache/themes/SuiteR/css/custom/themes/default/images/company_logo.png)

So I tried this to walk back out of the cache directory, and it worked:

background: url(../../../../custom/themes/default/images/company_logo.png) no-repeat;

Now, I didn’t try a Repair and Rebuild, and rebuilding caches, but it should work to get the image into the proper cache directory, and that way you could leave the URL in it’s more simple form, without all the …\ stuff.

Try to play with the URL until you get it right, and try the Repairs after placing the image in its place.

i’ve tried and yes seems to work. However that background directive seem to be applied on body of any module but i would have a background only in the login page.

Any chance?


take a look at this addon https://www.appjetty.com/suitecrm-dynamic-login-screen.htm

best regards

Tested in the past however i just wanna to add background image without
annoying carousel…