7.9.1 Can't select lead/contact/etc. for email

With both 7.9.0 and 7.9.1 when I search for a contact for the “To:” field in the email, the pop up comes up OK, but then if I search for a contact, as soon as I hit the search button, another popup comes up and say “invalid email address”. However, if I don’t search anything and just pick one of the contacts already listed, it inserts the email just fine.

(I’d add a screen shot, but the “add file” button in this forum isn’t working.

You can upload screenshot on Pasteboard (or similar service) and paste the link here.

And can you reproduce your issue on the online demo?



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Yes the issue occurs on the demo as well. There’s no way to select a contact to send an email to.

OK, here’s the screen shot:


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If this happens on the demo I’d say you could open an Issue on Github.

Or better, wait until the demo updates to 7.9.1 (tomorrow?) and try again, and them open the Issue if it still happens there.


I also reproduced this issue on my test system with 7.9.1, so I opened an Issue on GitHub:


I did manage to solve this issue. I enabled/disabled my email accounts and BOOM magically worked after that. Give it a try anyone else experiencing it.

@pstevens are you sure it’s this particular issue that is solved for you? Searching inside the pop-up, and immediately getting an error in the window below?

I still get it, and on the GitHub Issue there was a response saying some code changes were needed…

Yes, I was getting the same error message. I no longer do. I’ve made no code changes other than the steps outlined. The key was to make sure I had both and inbound and outbound email account set up in my PERSONAL settings (not the SuiteCRM general email) then went through the installation guide process of repairing the email accounts. Then did some other messing around with activating and deactivating the email accounts (make sure you have a “X” in the box “active” in the email settings. Also make sure you one selected as “primary”.

I’m not sure which step was the ultimate fix, but it is now working for me.

Appologies, the issue with the search causing the error is still there, I was experiencing other issues with an error being generated after an email was sent… that is fixed. Also, I was experiencing and issue where the search buttons were not there for contact/lead/ etc. That issue is fixed. I do indeed still get the “invalid email address” when trying to use the search feature.

It’s perfectly understandable, with several email bugs flying around, and us trying 10 different things for each of them … it’s easy to get confused. :slight_smile: I just needed to make sure.


For me, the error also appears as soon as i try to page through the contacts by clicking ‘next’, leaving the only option to cut the email address from the contacts detail page :frowning:

However, if i click the email address from the contacts detail page, a new email is populated with the correct address.


Hey All, there is a ticket open on Github for this. Hopefully, it gets addressed in the next release.