7.8 Beta 2: Not able to edit body message of email template in Workflow module

In Workflow module > Actions > Email template, not able to edit the body message

Hi I am not able to replicate this issue could you please provide more informartion

I went to SuiteCRM demo site and took a look. I was surprised to find that it is different from my system.

Does it link to any module that I need configure?

The content in the screenshot of my system were created some years ago using older version of SuiteCRM.

The demo instance is 7.7.9 and not 7.8 Beta as it is not yet fully stable or production ready. :slight_smile:

I have not modified the email template for a long time since created it 2 years ago. Didn’t realize that it comes with some layout templates now.

I look at my production server which is running on 7.7.9. Same issue, I do not see the html window for editing the body message. I cannot even modify the body message.

Is it due to some new settings that enable/disable this function?

This seems as though it could be a permission issue or JS caching issue. I suggest resetting your file permission and running a repair and rebuild and Repair JS Files.