7.8.0 Problem with Listview

We updated to ver 7.8 yesterday and found that one of our workstations that has a 17" non-widescreen display does not show all the columns in listview.

It cuts off half the columns. On further inspection, it seems, like suitecrm assumes that the browser is a phone or tablet and the following property is applied to the columns that dont display:

Is there a setting somewhere, which decides at what pixel count, the display switches to phone mode? A phone mode display should not be showing on a 17" desktop dell monitor.

To temporarily fix the problem, we changed the zoom in chrome browser to 75% (but the fonts are very small).
This problem only appeared after update to 7.8. Was fine in 7.7.9 as far as we know.

Additionally, there are some CSS issues with the new filters where the fields go out of the screen, but I believe another thread has already brought this up.