7.6.2 Campaigns send single email at a time

See this topic for background on this issue.

The 7.6.2 fix doesn’t seem to have actually fixed it, on ours.
Now, a single email goes out every time the job runs. When the job is configured to run every 5 minutes all day, but there are 8000 emails in the queue, that’s a bit of a problem. :slight_smile:

No errors in the log.
Email server logs show a single connection attempt being made by SuiteCRM and a single send attempt being made to a single address.

This is the behavior even on a fresh install.

Apache 2.4.18
PHP 7.0.4
MySQL 5.7.12

It seems this may be a duplicate of what is reported in this post, so I’m definitely not the only one seeing this.

Have you tried to downgrade to PHP5?
I’ve had similar problems in other components (a list of things being processed for a single item).
After downgrading to php5 all my problems are gone.
Hoje this helps!
Regards, Celso


We face the same problem,
our installation Ubuntu 14.04/ php 5.5.9/ mysql 5.5.49
so php downgrade is not an option for this problem,

we will try with version 7.6.3:

“This is a bug fix release for SuiteCRM 7.6.x and includes updated Campaign Wizard UI, resolving issues with running scheduled email campaigns and upgrading using MSSQL”

Regards, Nick

New version 7.6.3 didn’t help. Problem still exists

Appears to persist with 7.7.1 installed as well.

Anyone able to resolve this issue? I have 31,000 in queue. Going to take a while at one per minute…


We are running version 7.6.3 and experience the same issue, that is: every time the mass-mailing function is called, it only sends one email out. This behaviour can be easily be reproduced either using the manual button “Send queued campaign mails” or the cron-based function.

Anyone found a solution for this totally BLOCKING issue?

Thank you,


Happens that I am about to send out an email campaign and just ran into this issue. Anyone from the core team able to validate this is a known bug and can shed some light on targeted fix?

Having the same issues here, any guide on this would be great ?

NEWS: we upgraded to 7.7 and it solved the problem :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As things stand it will take 318 hours to send out my campaign :blink:

We’re not currently in the position to upgrade (concerned it will mess up our reports), has anyone managed to find an alternative solution?