7.5 beta 2 default dashlet is http, should be https

How do you want bug reports done? As a reply to the original announcement post all in one thread?
Or one per thread? Or somewhere else?

Let’s start with an easy one! I installed 7.5 beta 2 -

Now, I’m running it https (of course) but the default dashlet is attempting to load the suitecrm site via http, which of course won’t work as you can’t mix insecure content into an iframe on a secure page. Simply change it to https and it should work.

Hi lardconcepts,

Thanks for highlighting this.

I believe the best place to report bugs with the core product would likely be on our Github repository: https://github.com/salesagility/suitecrm/issues/

This way, they are more likely to be found, resolved and implemented into the CRM once approved.

So, if you feel this deserves to be logged as a bug, feel free to log it as an issue there!

Pull request done :slight_smile: