7.5.3 Reports Module - "One of" selection limit of 19 positions in report definition?

When using a dropdown field as condition with the “one of” to select multiple entries, exceeding 19 selections results in loosing parts of the selection. If this field is made a parameter, you can select more than 19 entries in the actual report - but you cannot store more than 19 selections as default selection in the report.

Addition: Upgraded to 7.6.2 - same bug still there.

Found that it’s not the number of positions - it’s the length of the field “value” in the table “aor_conditions” limited to 255 characters. Please make it longer!

I’m facing the same issue on Version 7.10.13 . Can’t find the solution anywhere. As a work around I went to modify the field size on the table “aor_conditions”. Look for field “value” (Field Type: Varchar) and increase it from 255 to something higher (For my needs I increased it to 1000)
Please notice that system won’t save more than 255 characters. So you can insert the values manually into the table.

You can get the list of values from \custom\include\language\en_us.lang.php

If somebody have a better solution please share information here.


HERE is the Upgrade Safe SOLUTION B-) :

We need to create a php file on this directory: /custom/Extension/modules/AOR_Conditions/Ext/Vardefs/value.php
(Directory doesn’t exists by default so you need to create it manually)

Copy/Paste this code (In my case I increased it to 1100. You can accommodate it to your needs):

 // custom vardef to increase field length. 


BTW. This is the same procedure to modify field length on most of the modules