7.3 installation/setup on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS fails as some directories don't exist


I setup a virtual host on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for a local suitecrm demo on my laptop. The LAMP setup worked fine and works.

Once starting the install.php for suitecrm 7.3, the problems started:

1: A directory and a file required permission 766 (which is not described in the installation manual!) >> fixed

2: The following directories require permission 755 but these directories are not part of the installation so they don’t exist?!



What’s the isssue? How can it be fixed?


Hi simba,

Before beginning the installation, you should set your permissions and owner/group user.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .
sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

After the installation, set these again just to ensure that they are correct after the install.

Hello John,

thank your for your feedback but I had set the permissions as you describe it and it’s described in the installation manual.

There are several issues:

1: I started off with SuiteCRM-7.3.1 MAX.zip which doesn’t include some of the directories listed above (checked by the installation routine)

2: I added empty directories which resulted in an empty page after the permissions were set so they were accepted by the installation routine - I don’t think the installation was completed at the time

3: Some of the directories require permission 766 according to the installation check, a step before the above screen shot was taken (this is not mentioned in the installation manual)

I didn’t get any further using SuiteCRM-7.3.1.zip

This release appears incomplete, rather untested and the installation instructions are not in line with the e.g. real permission requirements checked by the installation routine.


Hi simba,

When testing this earlier, I used a fresh 7.3.1 MAX download from the download link on the SuiteCRM Homepage.

When running through with incorrect permissions,(i.e: Not setting them before beginning beginning install)
It came back with similar, if not the same, errors that you had. Including the Missing public_html directories.

Using the instructions I gave earlier worked perfectly fine for me, No issues with Missing directories or the “766” permissions issue.

If necessary, you could try setting Permissions to 777 before the installation and then setting them to the appropriate values afterwards.

Regards, John