7.3 Custom Module Deployment Error

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing around with 7.3, inline editing and desktop push notifications were really smart choices for development, great work!

I’ve identified a bug that I’ve isolated and tested a few times, but I havnt ruled out its a quirk from me testing on WAMP rather than LAMP.

The bug is that at least in my experience you cant create any custom modules in 7.3. I get the following message when i deploy a custom package made using the module builder, “An error has occured during deploy process, you package may not have installed correctly.”

To ensure it wasnt just me, I replicated it a few times by creating:

  • a simple package
  • with one ‘basic’ module
  • and no customisations
  • The module can be saved fine, published/exported fine on both releases.

However, when it comes to deployment, it deploys successfully on the latest stable 7.2.X release, but it fails on the 7.3 release with the above error message. I’ve tested each one twice on fresh installs a total of 4 tests. I’ve also tried exporting the module and importing it using the loader, I’ve seen it freeze around the bean area which is close as I’ve found to a possible reason. A google for that only shows a few possibilities from a few years ago “http://cheleguanaco.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/sugarcrm-troubleshooting-error.html”, and incidentally I had two platforms with different Apache/PHP versions, it happens on both platform types so I assume its not the zlib issue described here.

The unfortunate thing is i cant see any errors anywhere within any logs about the issue, maybe I’m missing something? Id love to actually try and fix the bug and note it on the github if i find one but in this case I’m just unsure.

Did you ever solve this error? I am on 7.3 and have noticed that whenever i deploy or publish a custom module, the resulting vardefs.php file that is generated has a PHP syntax error.

Near the top of the file in the $dictionary array, the PHP has the following:


What it wants is:


Is there an available fix for this because it seems to shut down any ability to deploy custom modules.


I was having this issue, with my custom modules developed in SuiteCRM 7.2.

Installed the new release 7.3.1, and unzipped my custom published modules in the modulebuilder directory:

Cleared cache.
Deployed my package.
No errors, cleared cache again. (just in case) :slight_smile:

Testing these new release with my custom modules, and no errors.
Seems the dev team fixed this issue in the new release.

Maybe you all know this, but just in case this can help someone :wink:

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every time I try and install a custom module via the module loader it stops @ 29% with the error:
‘Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/mZyhYl/icons custom/themes’

Any ideas why ?

Does this directory has write permissions??

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where will see which directory it is in or being deployed to ?