7.2 Woes Reports

The Reports issue seems worse than expected in 7.2.
I can not actually add any fields / conditions to reports now.
CLicking on the field or drag / drop does nothing.
Please help!


Hi David,

This does not help us resolve your issue.

You need to give detailed information, screen shots, any browser errors and/or sugarcrm.log errors. Have you tried turning on debugging etc?



Hi Will,

Find screen shots attahed.
You will notice that there are no fields or conditions on the report yet this is an existing report I am editing.
Also, I am unable to select from the field list on the list to put it into the field / conditions band. Tried clicking and drag drop, nothing works.
Also note that in the new theme, there is no field list at all.
I also have the Suite Reprots addon and this appears to be working correctly.
I tried reinstalling the update in case there was an issue there but it would not let me so I dont really know how to roll back and reapply it.
btw the update went through without any errors.

Hope this helps.

All good,

Clearing the browser cache seems to have fixed it.