7.2 Beta Project Management "Gantt Chart"

Poking around in the 7.2 Beta, and cannot seem to locate (Andy’s?) Gantt Chart.

Was it a part of this release, and if so does it need to be activated? Also could not find it in the studio either to add it (thinking it may be a field of some sort).

There is an issue where the view gantt button is missing from the project detail view.

Checkout this thread: https://suitecrm.com/forum/installation-upgrade-help/3216-gantt-in-7-2#12848

Hey Andy, thanks for the tip. Honestly, I didn’t think to look in the button. :oops: It was there…

Not sure if I should post this here, or maybe just start a new thread. Let me know.

I’ve got some feedback for your Gantt Chart, and the project module.

It looks like Accounts and Contacts have relationships with the projects, and then there there are “Resources” which are selected/entered separately (Also, where are these resource relationships stored? I couldn’t find them in the filesystem or database, but TBH I didn’t look very hard/long.)
Currently only Contacts and Users can be stored as Resources, Accounts definitely need to be included in there as well.
I think an (easier?) approach would be to create a many-many relationship with Users-Projects (in addition to Accts and Contacts), and automatically store the Accounts, Contacts, and Users as “Resources” when the relationship is created, rather than having to enter them twice.
Then when one of those Resources is assigned to a Project Task, a relationship between the resource type and the project task could be created. This (IMO) would streamline the data-entry, and create better opportunity for reporting. (Such as, show all Behind Schedule Project Tasks for [ACCOUNT] on [PROJECT])[/li]

[li]Gantt Chart:
[li] Chart is offset by +1 day of Start/End dates set to tasks. [/li]
[li] I had some trouble creating a relationship with the first created task. Had to create a second task and third task, which were relateable, then delete the first task.[/li]
[li] START-START does not appear to be functional[/li]
[li] Start date does not update when Relationship Type or Predecessor is updated/changed, only when Lag is changed.[/li]
[li] If a task is viewed in the Gantt Chart, the “Name” of the last viewed task is not cleared from the name field when adding a new task. This can be confusing.[/li]
There were some other things I noticed, but I forget them now. If I come across them again I’ll let you know.
Some of these things you may be already aware of, but I wanted to give you some feedback in the event some are new.

Keep up the good work!

Yes Accounts and Contacts do have relationships with projects but the “Resources” relationship is there to assign the people who are available to actually carry out the project tasks. I don’t see why an Account could be seen as a “Resource”? The relationships are defined in the extension folder somewhere.

There must be issues with your installation of beta2 because I am not seeing many of the issues you outlined:

The tasks seem to start on the correct day to me. What are your date and time settings and time zone set to? I personally work in GMT and with date settings like 01/01/2015. I have tested the others bit this still could be related to time zone or something.

I don’t understand this one, if its the first task what are you trying to relate it to? Of course you have to create a second task then relate that second task back to the first task as its predecessor.

START-START functions perfectly for me, if I have two tasks set to start to start then the arrow comes out of the start of the predecessor and goes to the start of the second task with no issues.

Its not meant to do that. However start date does update if you change the start date of a tasks Predecessor.

Again I am not seeing this issue.

I am going to create an instructional video or write up better documentation for the Gantt Chart functionality as there seems to be a lot of confusion about how its meant to work.

We’ve made some slight customization to the Accounts module to track Vendors and Subcontractors as well as Customers (We are a construction firm), which are vital resources in the scheduling of projects. I do understand, however, that this is not the norm for Suite users, and that the platform is not set up for managing such large projects. I am looking to use it as contact management and general project timelines to give those who do not need the “details” an idea of the project’s progression.

It’s a fresh install of beta2, but that’s possible.

I’ll likely wait until the beta3 release to check on the other issues I was seeing, and provide some screenshots if you’d like.

You would be better off showing the issues now with screen shots. I’m not really planning to make any changes to it between here and beta 3 because as far as I am concerned the module works unless people throw up bugs for me. If users show me obvious bugs and I can replicate them then ill fix them.

Hey Andy,

I know it’s been a while since this went up, but hopefully you’re still around.

Is there a way to show the Gantt by default on the Project Detail Page? We’d like to be able to have it come up automatically so tasks can be added right there without the extra page click.