7.11.3 - Marketing - Campaigns - Email Templates with Attachments

suitecrm v. 7.11.3
sending emails (tamplate with attachment (pdf, xls)) come to target without attachment…
need help
7.10.14 work good
i try 7.11.0-7.11.3 - have issue

Hi igreeny,

Please provide detailed steps to replicate, ideally with screen shots/list of steps and I will assess to identify if there’s a bug here specific to 7.11.



hi will!

  • create - documets module - attachment - for example pdf file
  • create - email template - with attachment - examle pdf file
  • create campaign - newsletters
  • add target list (test and contacts)
  • choose email template with attachment
  • send test

i was delivered email without attachment

for example - send email with attachment from invoice module, send as pdf - work good