7.11.18 - Invoice numeration

I would like to begin generating invoices from accounts but need the first one to begin at a specific number, for example #125 rather than #1. Is it do-able or complicated?

You can do it from Admin->AOS Settings

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In SuiteCRM, For Invoice Numeration, if you want to begin at a specific number then you need to change the initial number in config.php for the invoice module.

To fix this issue, Open the below path file.

/config.php (Approx. Line number : 37)

Add initial number as “125” in invoice array of the above file path of your CRM as suggested in the below screenshot,

This thing will apply to the Record Created from the Main Module or Subpanel.

@jessica1 that is the same setting that you set in the UI, as proposed in the previous reply…

Thanks to you both, changing it in Admin was simplest. Cheers.