7.11.18 Delete option in list view menu always available


Using version 7.11.18 here, but problem shows since 7.11.15.

There is a role named “Sales” in which the user cannot delete any record in any module.

In the detail view, the system behaviors as expected and Delete option is not available.

However, in the list view, when you select multiple records, the delete option is available in the menu.

I’ve checked many times, the user has just on role, and that role doesn’t allow deletion on any record.

It happens in every module. I’ve tested in Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts modules.

Any tips? Anyone facing this bad behavior as well?




Look at the post: ListView: How to remove delete bulk action?

Thanks, it looks to be a good workaround.

However, it seems to be a bug to me, isnt’t it going to be fixed?

It is bug.