7.11.15 installation by cPanel

Hello everyone!
My installation has several faults. The first is that on the login form there is no “I forgot my password” link. Also impossible to configure the sending of email. I also installed the IT language, it appears, but it does not activate. The version is 7.11.15 and it was automatically installed via cPanel

I’m looking for a lead, thanks

You can enable the forgot password from Admin -> Password Management

What error do you get when you provide your SMTP details in Email Settings and use the Test Email button?

Hello! At first, thanks. Yes for PW forgot now it works (with your info).
For SMTP detail I tray many combinaisons, SSL, TSL, … but when I click to send thes message is “One moment please” with a buttom “undefined”

and when I want to register a modification in the “outgoing setting” email, the registration is not finalized, the browser is lagging …