7.10 Compiling stylesheets with pscss

What is the new process for compiling stylesheets in 7.10 with subthemes. It appears that i has changed as there is now no /themes/SuiteP/css/style.scss also, it seems all of the files are being compiled, concatenated and minified and put in the cache directory

Check out this article, it should put you on the right track:


I know my list of colors on that post is now outdated, but the process is still the same.

Along with this can we get upgrade installations defined for anyone running off of source? Which “Repair” tasks should be run and in which order?

hmm. I thought I had tried that and it was working. But it seems like that may have done the trick now.

Just documenting the following one-liner, it rebuilds all of the themes. It would probably be helpful to have in a script in the repo or a makefile or something; but I digress.

find . -type f -name style.scss | while read scssFn; do printf "%s => %s\n" "$scssFn" "${scssFn/scss/css}"; ./vendor/bin/pscss --debug-info -f compressed "$scssFn" > "${scssFn/scss/css}"; done
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