7.10.9 Report fields header shows "undefined"

I have a same situation but even stranger. I had the undefined headers in 7.10.7.
Before I upgrade to 7.10.9 I synced the Suitecrm dir to a new dir to test the upgrade.
After the upgrade all the headers worked fine again (in the new dir).
Then I synced the test dir back to another dir and renamed that to the production dir. (the original prod dir was backed up to another dir)
After a repair I tested the production installation, and to my surprise all the headers were undefined again.
To my conclusion it has nothing to do with the application.
What might be the cause of this?

Hi japio

I moved your post to a new topic, it’s better not to mix things up.

What do you mean “I synced the test dir back to another dir and renamed that to the production dir”. You’re copying SuiteCRM code files on top of another installation?

Which directories did you include? Also cache?

The test dir was update_test which was synced to SuiteCRM_2.
The production dir SuiteCRM was renamed to Suitecrm_bckp.
And then the SuiteCRM_2 was renamed SuiteCRM.

And yes I included the cache dir, as a sync creates a exact copy, to my best knowledge.

I hope this helps.

I am beginning to understand, but I am not sure I do completely understand…

When you change the files around, do you keep the same database?

Are the versions of SuiteCRM exactly the same as the version that was using the database?

Essentially, you can’t upgrade SuiteCRM just by grabbing the new files, you should let the installer/upgrader script do it’s work.

OK, let me be more specific.
To test an upgrade, I make an exact copy of the production, app and database.
To test the upgrade I first change to the backup database and then run the upgrade wizard. This will make changes to the code and (potentially) the database.
If everything functions well, I consider the upgrade successful and as a variant of running the same procedure on the production, I prefer to swap the test dir and test database to the production dir.
So I use the procedure as described before for the code and do a similar procedure to the database. (backup, empty and fill with the data from the test database)
As final step I change the config.php to the proper database and run a quick repair.

I hope you have an idea what might be the issue with the undefined headers.

Should I empty the cache dir and do a quick repair?

You shouldn’t delete the entire cache dir but you can safely delete cache/themes

  • after QR&R, scroll down to the bottom, if there is a button there to sync vardefs with database, press it.

  • try other repairs from Admin / repair, anything Javascript related

  • re-check ownership and permissions on your files

I did everything you suggested. No change in the output on the screen. Still the undefined issue.

Now it becomes even stranger. As mentioned before I installed the updated appl. in the production dir (SuiteCRM), I renamed the old production dir to SuiteCRM_bckp. The original dir (SuiteCRM) had the undefined issues, but now it is just renamed (moved) to SuiteCRM_bckp it has no undefined issues.

I can’t figure what might be the cause of this.

Any idea?

As an additional test, I just synced the current production dir (SuiteCRM) to another dir, SuiteCRM_3. This is an exact copy, with all the current cache and what so ever. When I direct my browser to this dir ( SuiteCRM_3), everything works fine.

You are using an unsupported method of handling your installation. This is ok with me, it makes sense, but it makes things dependent on little details which can get tricky.

The way that you copy the directory, the file ownerships and permissions, the SetUID bits controlling permissions on new directories, the .htaccess restrictions of your web server… many things could be playing tricks here.

The behaviour you described in your last post would lead me to think there were some lost references to files and paths stored somewhere. But I can’t think of this happening in SuiteCRM, at least not after clearing caches and rebuilding. Maybe it’s some caching system on your web server or other network equipment?

I started from scratch with the latest version 7.10.10
So no updates or upgrades on suitecrm.
When I access the application non-secure I have everything running perfect.
When I acces the application secure I get the same old undefined issue
I assume that this means it is not an issue of SuiteCRM, but what might be the cause of this? What should be changed?

Kr, Jaap


yes it looks like a web server issue, it’s returning 404’s…

I don’t really know how to fix, it’s probably better to search Forums related to your specific web server…