7.10.9: Campaign Emails Bugs and Issues

This is intended as a compendium of issues surrounding the Campaign Email behavior of v 7.10.9 (or similar), just to get an idea whether it’s worth upgrading or not.I’d love to hear of your experiences with newest versions of SuiteCRM and email campaigns.

Or for those who are not using SuiteCRM for campaign emails, I’d be curious what setup you are using and what your experiences have been.


Skimming over open github issues I’m so far aware of the following issues:

duplicate testmails sent

enum and multienum fields are not parsed correctly

cannot choose target list per marketing email (and when adding multiple target lists to campaign, user can’t tell which ones it’s going to send to)

bounce email handling mostly broken

bug in selecting target lists in campaign wizard

embedded images (mozaik editor) don’t work


Bumping this is up because I saw the #6504/6505 fix (btw, thank you lazka) but I recall reading one of the Contributors or Sales Agility people saying that Suite campaign email tracking isn’t fit for purpose (or words to that effect because I can’t find where I read it!). That was a bit of a surprise because we are planning to use email tracking.

Is there anyone out there successfully using campaign email tracking? Or are there too many issues to fix?

Any and all opinions, thoughts, comments are welcome, especially from the authors/maintainers.

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