7.10.7 Email Campaign [Send Marketing Email as Test] no working

I can’t see any errors in the logs relating to email. Tried it with old working campaign still can’t send test email. This worked before, don’t remember I think it was release 7.9.x last I ran campaign.

Tested the email from email settings and it works, but not from email campaign test email.

To reproduce, create campaign, select email template and targets list, go thru the campaign wizard, all ok, try send test email, no email received.

Any idea?

Are your Schedulers working? Check Admin / Schedulers, a job called “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns”.

Go inside that job, do you see a “Last ran successfully” that has a recent time, and in the correct timezone?

Also, in Admin / Email Queue, is your email there? If you click send, does it send?

Yes, Run Nightly is successful,
Yes, send email works from email setting.

But Email Campaign [Send Marketing Email as Test] no working

Please be more specific!

What logs have looked at?

What is the date/time of the last 5 successful runs shown in the “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns” scheduler detail view?

Have you changed anything since the last time you managed to get a campaign working?

Please report here the exact configuration of the “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns” scheduler.

If you post pictures of the things I asked, it is probably easier for us to try and understand.

I know and I wish I can figure out why this forum attachment doesn’t work on chrome or other browsers as I have images to share.

Here is more info,

Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns done 09/05/2018 06:00 09/05/2018 06:00
Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns done 09/05/2018 05:00 09/05/2018 05:00
Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns done 09/05/2018 04:00 09/05/2018 04:00

Errors log files I looked at suitecrm.log, sugarcrm.log, apache error.log and syslog, and php log.

Since the last time we tried campaign test email we just upgraded suitecrm, we don’t have any custom changes to baseline 7.10.7.


Look at this image:

The theme you are using looks from an older version of SuiteCRM. Could you check the version that you are running?

Version 7.10.7

Does your campaign have target lists?

Are there any records with email addresses in the target lists?

Have you also defined, in addition to the default type of target list, also one test target list (wit at least one record containing a valid email address)?

Have you created an email template?

Have you created (in the campaign) a marketing record and associated the email template to it?

Is the campaign status dropbox “active”? (the other option is “planning”)

Is the start date of the campaign in the past? (if it’s in the future, the campaign will not send anything)

and check if there are any emais in the queue, then select a few and force the sending and check if they arrive (better if you try everything with emails of yours that you can control)

Once you launch the campaign:
go to ->Admin->Email queue

within the campaign you click on the button “View Status” are there any emails in the message queue section?

Are there any in the “sent/attempted” section?

Thank you for asking this question

No I didn’t select test target list. Fixed that and now it work.

Thanks again for your help!