7.10.6 safe to upgrade?

Is 7.10.6 safe to upgrade yet? I just had bad experiences a few times upgrading too early and adding even more problems due to the upgrade not being finished enough. I’m on 7.10.4 right now and there are a few things that got fixed that I need, but I just don’t want to repeat the bad experience and add more issues.

And why is almost every upgrading brings additional problems? Aren’t they supposed to be eliminated upgrade after the upgrade?

I just don’t feel safe when upgrading anymore.

See this for the measures being taken to increase robustness


And some tips about strategies to deal with upgrades:

The standard way of lowering risk when upgrading would be to have a staging instance, a different test system (preferrably a clone of your production server) where you can run your own sanity tests to make sure everything is like you need, and that your own customizations work well with the upgrade.

Also with Virtual Machines you can snapshot them so that there is a one-click way to go back in time.

Finally, simply waiting for a few weeks after the upgrade is out is a good way to learn from the activity on the Community if there are problems relevant to the features you use.

My first experience was with version 7.9.x. It was terrible 2 weeks.
Now I use LTS and completely happy.
For real work use only LTS.

We are currently testing in a dev environment. The modules we use the most (Contacts, Accounts, Calls, Tasks, Notes, Reports, Emails and Quotes) seem to be working fine.

Tomorrow we will finish our tests and on Monday we’ll deploy the upgrade. If something goes wrong, I’ll let you know posting updates here.

That will be great if you can post your finding! I am still on 7.10.4…

FWIW I upgraded to 7.10.6 from 7.10.5 yesterday and it went very smoothly.

7.10.6 appears to have fixed a number of issues I was having with 7.10.5, and I only really have one remaining problem now (emails are showing the From Name as “Root User”, despite it showing up correctly as “Our Company Name” when I send one using the “test email” button on the email setup page).

Hope this helps.


That’s right, Andyg. The same here: the mails go with “Root User” as the sender.

@3boptic I have opened a new topic for this problem so might be worth you following that too:


I would update this thread saying that 7.10.6 is not safe. BUT they’ve just released a maintenance patch (7.10.7). I’m already testing it… So far it seems good. The “Root User” as email sender persists. Again, the modules we use the most are Contacts, Accounts, Calls, Tasks, Notes, Reports, Emails and Quotes, so we prioritize testing them.

Thank you all