7.10.6 AOR Reports with date period parameter not producing results / reports

Has anyone else noticed that in the current 7.10.6 version, AOR Reports cannot produce the report when we use a date as a parameter? Specifically, when using the period option, a blank content page appears.

Just tested that I can reproduce this using the current Demo site. I was using 7.10.4 and didn’t have this problem.

I haven’t posted on GitHub because I’m not sure if this is a currently known issue, there are some similar older threads.

If this has been posted elsewhere, let me know so I can keep an eye on it’s solution.

Thanks everyone!

Does this fix it for you?


See the “files changed” tab for the changes you need to try.

Hi, thanks for replying.
I have applied the changes on my suitecrm install, but an empty content page still results when using the period parameter. When using other types of date parameters, the report loads with no results even if there should be.

I will try this patch on a fresh install to see if there is any difference and report back.

If there is a recommended way or mode to see which queries or errors might be appearing (the suitecrm.log file doesn’t show any in these cases), please let me know.

You should also check your web server log which is where PHP throws its errors. Often it’s called php_errors.log

So I took some time debugging and this particular issue is causes by the aor_utils.php file. The period value is sent to a function which does not handle that kind of value correctly and leaves it blank, which in turn creates an error building the report.

I decided to create an issue in GitHub since searching there doesn’t seem to be any specific cases of this:

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